Ultrasound Therapy/Electrotherapy/Combination Therapy from £35

Muscle Stimulation (stand alone) from £20

We use a variety of tools to manage pain, restore range of motion, and treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Along with methods like joint mobilisation, stretching, and targeted exercises, we may recommend electrotherapy as a treatment option.

Using specialised devices designed to deliver customised levels of electrical stimulation to your body`s nerves, muscles or tendons, our trained therapists can harness the power of electrotherapy to treat injuries, promote healing, and offer pain relief.

We use only the most up to date and technically advanced devices , which make your whole experience incredibly interactive, with on device spoken, visual and video content. Our stimulation devices even give you the opportunity to control treatment intensity based on your personal thresholds.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is a pain management technique that introduces high-energy sound waves into the painful areas of the body. Certain pathological changes to tendons, ligaments and muscles canbe treated in a targeted manner.

What is Electrotherapy?

A powerful tool used by soft tissue therapists and physiotherapists, electrotherapy treats chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries, muscle wasting, and nerve pain by using targeted and controlled electrical stimulation.

It`s a gentle and non- invasive modality that works by stimulating nerves and muscles through the surface of the skin.

How does it work?
  • Send out electrical impulses that block or interfere with the body’s pain signals, leading to reduced pain.
  • Help release endorphins (chemical messengers) that naturally decrease pain in the body.
  • Stimulate muscle tissue to contract to reduce atrophy.
  • Create a heating effect within the body which improves circulation and stimulates healing.
  • Stimulate cells which reduce inflammation, promote collagen production, and inhibit pain.

Types of Electrotherapy Used

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (Tens)

One of the most common electrotherapy treatments, Tens makes use of small devices which deliver pulses of electrical stimulation. The goal of the Tens machine is to stimulate sensory nerves to achieve pain relief and is often used for both nerve pain and chronic pain conditions.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound uses a deep heating effect on different tissues, like muscles, ligaments, and tendons, to boost circulation and stimulate the healing process. This method makes use of a transducer, and is often used to treat strains, tendonitis, and knee meniscus tears.


Also known as ift, interferential electrotherapy uses low-frequency electrical stimulation to stimulate muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce pain. Ift is sometimes used for patients who dislike the sensation of Tens electrotherapy.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

While some methods of electrotherapy target nerves, ems targets muscle tissue. This specialised form of electrotherapy stimulates your motor neurons which causes your muscles to contract. Our devices are state of the art, and allow for stimulation during active exercise, in order to improve or facilitate muscle performance.

For your convenience, we can operate our units wirelessly using the companion ios mobile application, which you can adjust to satisfy your own personal thresholds.

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