Sports and Remedial Massage

Initial consultation and Treatment £50  60-90 mins

Follow up Treatment £40 45mins

We have an expert team of in-house Soft Tissue Therapists who work to provide total care and refer where to our appropriate practitioner for further assessment or treatment, if required.

We utilise techniques that manipulate muscle tissue, helping boost your rehabilitation.

Not just for athletes!

Just about anyone can benefit from our Sports and Remedial Massage at Entire Sports Therapy.

We remove muscle tension, reduce spasms, cramps and pain brought on by the stresses of daily living, training, busy schedules and computer use.

Sports Massage

A form of treatment that considers not just the Physiology and Anatomy of the human body, but also the physical demands placed upon it by sporting activity. It’s a form of massage designed to enhance the body`s condition for peak performance.

Remedial Massage

Focused on repairing muscles and tendons that have been damaged, knotted or impaired in any way. Most cases we see are caused by sporting activity.

 A combination of both, and you have a holistic form of therapy that’s not only specifically tailored for the modern athlete, but also to the needs of just about anyone with an active lifestyle.

How can we help you?
  • Assessment of tight tissue and/or injuries.
  • Hands on treatment techniques.
  • Assistance with injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Flexibility and muscle imbalance assessment and treatment.
  • Preparation, pre-event, post-event for all sporting participants.
  • Reduced Pain and Tension
  • Improved Performance
  • Prevention
  • Drainage
  • Re-alignment
  • Dereased Cortisol `Stress Hormones`.